Y2000 mini video camera, easy carry and you can photograph anywhere anytime

If you learn something about the smallest camera in the world, and could you image how big the size it owns? I think you may have the interest to know it now, then let me tell you something about it. It is called Y2000 mini video camera and it is the  smallest 720p camcorder in the world.
Y2000 mini video cameraY2000 mini  cameraAccording to the picture, you can intuitively observe that how mini it is, 3.5cm x 3cm x 3cm size that just two fingers and you can hold it, looking like a toy but it is a truly video camera. Besides, it has the simple design and only two interfaces, one is the USB 2.0 charging port and the Micro SD card slot(up to 32GB). Then, the operation method is simple and direct, just control by one touch.
Y2000 video camera Y2000 mini video camera reviewUpon the photographing and recording effect, Y2000 mini video camera has 1280*720 picture resolution and 640*480 30fps 2.0 Mega pixel video recording resolution. By the way, it has the function of recycling recording and recording during charging.
mini video cameraJust imaging, when you go out and have baggage carrying limited, you can take along Y2000 mini video camera. After all, it is mini and do not take space, even you can carry it anywhere anytime. All in all, it is a portable and worthy item you should own.

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