Xiaoyi Night Vision – a newest version of security IP camera brings you more benefits

We all known that xiaomi company released one xiaomi ants camera before, and this time, after a period of preparation, it released a newest version of camera – Xiaoyi Night Vision, which upgraded on the basis of the former. Then, let us see what new features it owned after the reproducing.
Xiaoyi Night VisionIt is clearly that the new one adds the prominent of night vision. In other words, you can watch the recording images via the infrared lights filtering effect that even at night and you can shoot the clear films. Therefore, you can through you telephone, tablet or other devices to view your baby’ s sleep condition.

The stream line of Xiaoyi Night Vision is warm, which offers you the opportunity to share the happy hours with your families when you far away home, for example, the birthday party. The reason is that it has the function of two-way voice calls. Therefore, you can use it to sing a song or say something with your families. 110 degree wide-angle lens bring a sense of immersive screen, just as like you are standing face to face with him.
Xiaoyi camera Night Vision reviewAs for me, I’ m not very good at DIY, but I also can install it quickly for its installation method is simple and easy. The installation time is very short, just only 1 minute. Then three steps for you to install it. Switch on the power supply, download Xiaomi smart home APP and then connect the camera with your phone. Very easy and simple, isn’ t it?

All in all, after the upgrading, Xiaoyi Night Vision becomes better and better. As a IP security camera, it is powerful, you can use it anywhere and anytime, especially at night, it will bring you amazing shooting effect. At the same time, caring function offers you to capture the important and happy moment with your families.

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