Xiaomi Wowstick 1fs, Any Geek Like You Deserves It

For geeks, an excellent screwdriver is of the essence. However, at the moment, mobile phones and laptops come with too many screws. Thus, it’s difficult to manually screw down all of them one by one. If there is an automatic screwdriver, everything would be nice. Yes, with this Xiaomi electric screwdriver, Wowstick 1fs, all these previous manual screwdrivers can be thrown away. And now, let’s check this novelty in detail.


Wowstick-1fs is packaged with a rectangular cardboard. And the product box looks like an ordinary glasses case. At the bottom of the box, there is the manufacturer’s information. Lying on the inside, there are 18 types of screwdriver bits and the electric screwdriver.


Product Features

Wowstick 1fs comes with a slim S2 aluminum alloy housing body with pen shape design, which makes it easy to use. And the ultra-precision flexible circuit design ensures a long lifetime. The USB port charging design provides the ample power timely. And the LED shadowless lighting with independent switch design offers clear vision when you using.


Equipped with the magnetic board, Wowstick 1fs holds the screws taking off from the repairing items, with no screws lost. At the same time, the automatic operation design ensures high working efficiency. This device supports multi-functions, including screwing, drilling, and threading, and meets your different working demands in daily repairing.


Built-in 2 AAA+ batteries, it’s officially said that the battery can last for 8-24 hours. Generally speaking, you can replace the battery every three days. But I suggest that you can try to use rechargeable batteries for saving money and more eco-friendly.


Comparison with Wowstick 1f

Compared to its predecessor, Wowstick 1f, 1fs is upgraded to the whole aluminum body and increased by the shadowless LED light source. As for the annex part, all batches are made of imported S2 alloy steel. And the product box is also improved. The surface of the box can be cleaned and the internal magnet structure is reinforced. What’s more, the platen cover on the inside lining is incorporate.



In general, Wowstick 1fs is a very good screwdriver. Compared with most manumotive screwdriver currently on the market, it performs better in doing work. With a weight of 166g, it is not heavy and feels good when being held. The operation is also very convenient and easy. If you’re a geek or computer maintenance personnel, you deserve this Xiaomi Wowstick 1fs. And I trust it would be a good helper in your daily life.


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