The current version, Wowstick 1F+, accompanies a work area dock, built-in battery-powered battery, micro USB charging port, and 3 LED lights. Charging time is 40 minutes.

The Wowstick 1F+ screwdriver works at 200 RPM and can convey up to 0.15/3 Nm of force, which changes over to 1.33/26.6 in-lbs.

It additionally has an incorporated aluminium body for a smooth use understanding, one-key activity for bearing determination, and LED shadowless light lighting.

It accompanies a wide range of mini screwdriver bit types and sizes, which they can fit a wide range of gadgets, including correction glasses, cutlery, shavers, drones, engines, weapons, telephones, gamepads, among others.

wowstick f1+


As anticipated, the Xiaomi Wowstick 1F + accompanies a design minimal, almost futuristic and a cylindrical shape, totally in glossy silk metal.  In the black slate colour, the object of the criticism, it gives the imprint of being almost an element of furniture when placed in the appropriate base. To interfere with the unibody plan, we find, indeed, just the rocker arm to begin the screwdriver in a clockwise or not. At the top is the entrance rather micro USB, used to energize the lithium battery, and the status LED indicating the charge (one revive total takes around 40 minutes).

wowstick F1+

All quality of the product, as you can imagine, notwithstanding, lies in the tip, or rather, in the tips. Inside the package, it will be conceivable to pick between well 64 hints for each need, all of various sizes and shapes. At last, as an additional worth, we discover well 3 LED which is enacted simultaneously as the turn and will control us in the utilization by enlightening the screwing territory. Extremely helpful, at that point, the attractive tangle where to gather the screws, mainly when working with small parts.


The Xiaomi electric screwdriver has a proper rotation, approximately 200 turns per minute, and will, therefore, be able to screw and unscrew more or less generous screws. In any case, the product has a limit to keep in mind: its use as a screwdriver will be bound only to pre-assembled objects. It is almost impossible, for example, to screw a point onto a wooden board, except if it as of now has a guide.

wowstick F1+

Beyond this limit – possible for an electric screwdriver- the Wowstick shows up, in any case, loaning in each use, with an excellent autonomy and the option (not negligible) of being also used in the office. One of the problems that electric screwdrivers are called to answer is that they do not give enough rotation force, so as not to assurance that the screw is firmly in place. Nevertheless, the 1F + comes to help us: the replacement tips fit well into the Wowstick so that they can also be used manually, so as to fix the screws correctly.


8 hours built-in 2x AAA dry cell battery

Clear vision provided by LED lighting that is shadowless

Easy to use


it’s more comfortable stripping threads than with an ordinary screwdriver


Xiaomi Wowstick 1F + it is certainly not the cheapest of the screwdrivers. Though, its quality is higher than the cost, and so, given the quality, the equipment and the numerous functions. therefore, this product could be classified without too many problems as a best-buy in the field. The Wowstick 1F+ can be ordered from banggood.com for US$36.99.

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