Xiaomi Mijia MJJGTYDS02FM Projector: The Best budget Projector

The Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, launched the Mi 5000 Lumens Laser Projector last year inThe Xiaomi Mi Home Projector Lite measures just 15cm in height and weighs 1.3kg. projector market. Earlier this year, the Wemax One projector turned 7000 Lumens into Xiaomi and then the smaller Mijia 3500 Lumens projector. Now, the company has launched Xiaomi Mijia MJJGTYDS02FM DLP Projector. This projector supports 1920 × 1080 resolution and is also compatible with 4K resolution.

Xiaomi Mijia projector

The design and build
from one of the best Chinese company ‘Xiaomi’, whose other products prove to be long-lasting and durable, this one is no exception. No compromise has been made from the company regarding the build quality and the color scheme. In fact, the design is somewhat unique in comparison to the other projectors out in the market. It’s similar to a portable tower PC with the port placement on the rear. There’s the large area for ventilation on the three sides to improve heat dissipation and the fan noise is also quite (below 30Db) To be honest, it looks somewhat cute with curvy edges.

Xiaomi Mijia projector

Projection and Durability
Moving to the projection, this Xiaomi projector can project an image ranging from 40″ to a stupendous 200″ with a 1.2:1 aspect ratio. The maximum projection size is 50″ larger than the ALPD laser projector ones, however, you might need more distance to project that much size and the picture quality will decrease as well with an increase in projection size. I would recommend the projection size to be 75 to 100″, shorter the better.

It also has a LED lamp which has the power of 65W and yields 500 lumens. With the RGB + BP four-channel optical, the brightness is increased by more than 20 percent compared with the three channels used in most Chinese projectors. Since the lumens aren’t that much high, the advantage here is the long durability of the LED Bulb which can last for 30000 hours.

Hardware and Performance
Xiaomi Mijia MJJGTYDS02FM DLP Projector got some solid hardware which leads to buttery smooth performance. The hardware and performance go hand in hand so the user can have the best of the best experience. It seemed impossible until Xiaomi did it, and provide such high specifications to this price tag for a projector. You simply won’t find a Snapdragon 855 inside a projector but what’s there is still worth of spending this much. Under the hood, we find Amlogic T968-H processor as the heart of the projector which is paired with 2 GB of DDR3 RAM.

Xiaomi Mijia projectors

It also provides with a built-in 8GB eMMC high-speed flash ROM and if that’s not enough for you there’s always the option of attaching a USB drive or HDD to it. It has an HDR 10 video decoding which produces brighter and colorful image projection with higher and wider color gamut in comparison to the standard ones.

In terms of wireless connectivity, we have the option to connect it to WiFi 802.11ac Dual Band supporting both 2.4G and 5G, and Bluetooth 4.0. There’s also Fastcast similar to chromecast to connect to your smartphones and play video from there.

Features and OS
A few Chinese projectors have started using the Xiaomi’s own ‘MIUI TV’, and Xiaomi Mijia MJJGTYDS02FM DLP Projector is no exception. This is the greatest selling point of the projector. Chinese projector software isn’t that good but MIUI TV is a global TV Box OS with rich content and colorful tiled layout. The OS does support the English language. Though most of the streaming content is in Chinese but there’s Kodi, YouTube, and Netflix there as well.

Portable and Lightweight
Unique Design
Autofocus on Start
AI voiced remote controller
Native Full-HD resolution
RGB + BP four-channel optical, 4x brightness
30000 hrs of LED source life
Super affordable

No 4K native resolution
No MicroSD card support and Ethernet Port
Voice Assistant only in Chinese
No Google Services, have to download from the third party store

Looking at the features that accompanies this projector, I must say it is one of the best budget friendly projectors you can get. At Banggood.com it is sold for $419.99

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