Xiaomi Miband 2: Give A Healthier Life for You

Let’s first talk about the changes of Xiaomi Miband 2, the wristband had joined an OLED screen which can support the display of the basic information (Time, steps, heart rate). And when you lift the wrist, it can be shown the information as well. To a certain extent, it can replace the role of the watch. It still have the function of motion monitoring, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, heart rate monitoring (real-time monitoring), call reminders, screen unlock (Android system), vibrating alarm clock and secret payment and include 7 remind function(Calls, SMS, sedentary, alarm clock, APP notification (wechat, etc.), mail and sports standards) .what’s more, it still support IP67 level waterproof and dustproof, and you don’t need to take off when bathing or swimming, which maintain the excellent quality of “wear on the forgotten”.

When you open the package, you can see the body of the miband 2 which had adopted the graphic design and larger than the last generation. The texture of body surface is very good, the bottom of the circular part of the metal touch area is very sensitive with a gently touch. The surface is made using UV coating process, which can effectively prevent anti-fingerprint retention.      The small OLED screen on the surface can show the time, steps, App notification and other basic information, and you can customize the movement. The display of the information can be switched by touch. Put on the rubber wrist, the entire back is flush, and will not be highlighted, wearing a good comfort. Standard black rubber wrist strap- wrist relatively thin girl has basically used the tightest button of the wrist strap, Men wear more coordinated.

Screen support wrist light, but the OLED screen cannot see the display clearly during the day under the strong direct sunlight. However, a screen with a rich reminder and also supports heart rate detection bracelet is still a very competitive product. Compared with the Xiaomi MiBand and Xiaomi Miband 1S,  Xiaomi Miband 2 may be a little expensive, but the design is upgrade.手环2 1

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