The Review of Xiaomi Mi Box S

The Xiaomi Mi box S is an android box designed by the Xiaomi company. It offers an ultimate home entertainment solution. This box has an ultra HD streaming player. It is designed with a 4K media player making the streaming experience to be excellent. It is one of the best in the market and has outstanding features.

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Xiaomi Mi Box S Features:


This android box from Xiaomi is powered by an android 8.1. Android 8.1 makes it possible to have enhanced performances. It allows the Mi Box S to work effectively with google cast and the other features. Android 8.1 is easy to use and can support voice commands.

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The android box has an inbuilt Bluetooth voice control feature. The feature makes it easier to use the Mi Box S. You can input your voice command through the remote controller. The Android box would interpret and execute the particular command. It is using the latest version of Bluetooth which is 4.2.


The Mi Box S allows a user to get access to thousands of content which can be found online. It will enable you to install different applications which you can use to access your favorite content.


The android box has superior streaming capabilities due to the 4K HD capability. It can do up to 60 frames per second. No other box in the market can do this hence making it one of a kind.

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The box audio system is powered by DTS audio sound. It also has the DTS-HD feature which makes the music to be more precise and better. It makes the sound to have a three-dimensional performance output which is better.


The android box has an ample storage space which makes it easier for you to store all your applications. You can also install your favorite games into the box. When playing your game, you would enjoy the improved performance like enhanced stability.


Google powers the box through the Android 8.1. The box has google assistance service installed. It allows you to search for content online quickly. Due to its enhanced voice capabilities, you can use voice control to enter the specific command.

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This android box feature allows a user to mirror their television by a tap of a button on the remote controller. The box has high-quality HD mirror images. Using the Mi box S, you can mirror any device that you can connect to it including your tablets. The smart cast feature also allows you to text what you need without pausing what you are watching.


The android box has a 2GB RAM and has an 8GB ROM. These features together with the Quad Core cortex CPU make it perform better.


These features make it be one of the best boxes in the market. It offers features that no other box in the market currently can have. The price for the box is very fair compared to the features that it would let you enjoy. The android box is straightforward to connect and use. You do not need a technician to assist you in installing your box. For more discount about Xiaomi Mi Box S, please go to Banggood.

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