Xiaomi MI Box 4C – A new class of entertainment

Home entertainment is an important attribute to have in your house with a smart TV box been the most enticing if not the epicenter of your living room. From sports, world news, drama and reality television shows to kid shows, blockbuster movies, and music shows & charts, a good smart box should have this full array of options.


Chinese electronics giant Xiao recently released the Xiaomi MI Box 4C to the delight of gadget lovers. This smart TV box comes with an inbuilt PathWall artificial intelligence technology that analyses your viewing habits and online reviews for a guaranteed amazing viewing experience. The Xiaomi MI Box 4C has some other pretty impressive features that you should consider next time you go shopping for a TV box.

Xiaomi MI Box 4C

  1. Internal Features

The Xiaomi MI box 4C is powered by a quad-core Amlogic processor and a Mali GPU and an 8GB storage. This allows you to save your favorite shows for later viewing. The powerful S905L processor ensures a fast non-interrupted connection for the ultimate viewing experience.

Xiaomi MI Box 4C

  1. Artificial intelligence

We had already mentioned about this earlier but it’s important to note that the artificial intelligence technology also allows using voice prompts and commands and other functionalities included in the remote. Artificial intelligence has an extra array of functions that include Achieve keyword search, Thermal ranking, Open application games, AI query weather, and calendar, multiple rounds of dialogue, star look film, video encyclopedia and intelligent error correction.

Xiaomi MI Box 4C

  1. Visual Display

The picture quality on the Xiaomi MI Box 4C is quite impressive. It supports a 4K HDR playback features an ultra-high and dynamic display. This ensures you have high-quality pictures with exceptional color density and pigmentation.


  1. Low Pricing

It is pretty much rare to find a Smart TV box with artificial intelligence that retails at $100 and below making it one of the most affordable Smart TV Boxes available in the market.


  1. External Connectivity

The Xiaomi MI Box 4C has several connectivity options allowing a seamless integration with several other devices. It has an AV for older model televisions, an HDMI port to connect to the new LED and LCD TV monitors, a USB port for connecting to flash drives, an 802.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity that is present across most Wi-Fi-enabled devices and Bluetooth connectivity. These options ensure interconnectivity to virtually any other external device you might have.



There you have it, the Xiaomi MI Box 4C is a new age Smart TV box with impressive technological features, unlike its peers. Trust me you need this gadget in your living room.

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