Xiaomi MI Box 4 Review – excellent experience

TV boxes are a must-have device, you are definitely asking yourself why? As the entertainment world keeps on improving, technology is moving towards having smaller devices that we can move around with easily and give us all the necessary features and entertainment we one. Due to the market demand for smaller devices, Xiaomi has come in to design small TV boxes that can fulfill that.


Did you know that Xiaomi Android TV boxes are the cheapest on the market? From the market price analysis made, these TV boxes are cheaper compared to others in the market. They have gained popularity while increasing their market cover. You are probably interested in knowing why these TV boxes have claimed a larger percentage of the market share. This is coming as a surprise; did you have an idea if Xiaomi MI Box 4 was launched just some days back? This TV box was launched by the start of February. It is just some few weeks old. You probably need to know what this recently launched TV box has to offer. In this review, we will take you through the details of the Xiaomi MI Box 4 Android TV Box.

Xiaomi MI Box 4


The Xiaomi MI Box 4 has very fine features that make it perfect for you. Some of the features that this Android TV comes with include:

Hardware and Software

The Xiaomi MI Box 4 can stream in 4K. It comes along with USB Port, HDMI, audio jack and power adapter port. When you open its package, you will find the Mi Box, power adapter, HDMI cables, a remote and set up/warranty pages. The TV box runs on a quad-core Cortex-A53 2.0 GHz processor. This processor is strong enough to handle HD video and can be enough to handle 4k resolution. It comes with a 2GB RAM and storage of 8GB.

Xiaomi MI Box 4


This Android TV Box comes with a Bluetooth remote. The remote of Xiaomi MI Box 4 is not filled with many buttons, this is good. It is easy to choose from controls and set personal preferences. The built-in volume controls are great. It also has a power-off button. The TV box comes with the IR sensor for the remote control.

Xiaomi MI Box 4


  • The remote control has handy volume and power buttons.
  • Impressive performance
  • Google Cast capabilities built in.

Xiaomi MI Box 4


  • 4K content is hard to find.



If you are looking for a small size Android TV box, then the Xiaomi MI Box 4 is the best for you. With this Android TV box, you can get your DSTV Now, Netflix and Showmax fix. This Xiaomi box is great. The Xiaomi MI Box 4 offers compelling features that are enough to guarantee you the entertainment you need. All these features come at an affordable price.



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