XiaoMi body smart weigh scale, a good helper to manage your body health

With the development of living standard, more and more people becomes concerning about their body health, and weight control is one of the important aspects. This time, I wanna introduce you a good helper for you – XiaoMi body smart weigh scale, which can smartly manage your body weight. Then, let me tell you something detailed about it.
XiaoMi body smart weigh scaleOne of the prominent features of Xiaomi product is that almost of them can be controlled via the Xiaomi APP, so does the XiaoMi body smart weigh scale. Therefore, through the Xiaomi Sport APP, you can view your body transformation process data and in accord with BMI to undertake your suitable fitness plan and diet adjustment.
XiaoMi body smart scaleUpon its appearance, overall white color, making with the super white glass panel material and ABS bottom material, it looks beautiful and I think it would be welcomed by the ladies. Besides, its weighing range is from 5KG to 150KG, and the calculating units are optional, catty, kilograms and pounds are available. By the way, depending on four 1.5V AA batteries and it can be used longer for one year.
XiaoMi body smart scaleNext, let me tell you some advantages of XiaoMi body smart weigh scale. First, automatically identifying users, even identifying the adult and children, it better helps you keep your body condition data alone. Moreover, it can remember as many as 16 members simultaneously. Second, equipped with light sensor and 161 LED that it can adjust the brightness and give you comfortable user experience.XiaoMi body  scale

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