Xiaomi Aqara IP Camera: A better solution for the safety of your family


Whenever you go on long holiday with your family, there is always a nagging feeling in your mind if you switched off the heater. With house robberies growing day by day, the worry only seems to grow in your mind when you go to work every day leaving your wife and children or your elder parents at home worrying all day about their safety. While these days where the apartments have a facility of a video doorbell, the older houses have no such system, and also video doorbells are limited up to seeing a person’s face at the other side of the door and in some case two-way speakers. If something happens at the house or at your workplace while you are away, you would have a video recording as evidence that cannot be tampered easily; these all things are possible if you install an IP camera at your house or at your workplace.Xiaomi Aqara Smart Camera


While there are varieties of IP cameras in the market, Xiaomi Aqara IP Camera stands out of all them. This xiaomi security camera has 180 degrees angles and you can control this camera with your smartphone. With its low power ZigBee connection, the Xiaomi Aqara Smart Camera communicates to other devices in your house and it gives you the facility to turn on or turn off the devices from outside the house. The Xiaomi Aqara Smart Camera has dimensions 9 x 7 x 7.7 CM. It has a magnet at its base if you want to mount it on a metal surface without a need to make any hole. With the help of presence sensors in Xiaomi Aqara Camera, you will know if the door or window of the house is opened while you are away. Xiaomi Aqara Smart Camera automatically starts recording a 12-second video if something passes in the house and the video is saved on the cloud, Mi Home application will notify you about any such presence sensors. It is a useful facility for parents, because when the presence sensor detects a child coming home and you can receive a notification on your mobile and even talk directly through the device.


Features of Xiaomi Aqara IP Camera:

  • Fisheye lens with 180º vision
  • 1080P video recording
  • 2MP sensor
  • 8 GB SD card
  • 12-second cloud storage for 3 months

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Camera

This Xiaomi Aqara IP Camera offers a direct view of the house, so you can know if you have left the light on air conditioning on and can switch it off from the application through your smartphone. You can also program the hours in which you want the xiaomi camera to record, so the camera will not record anything while you sleep. While the security of the security cameras has become a major issue, this Xiaomi Aqara Camera stores all the images and recording in encrypted format on cloud and the Xiaomi Aqara Smart Camera will continue to be up to date in security.

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