X6 Mini Camera, the smallest camera in the world

Cameras are one of the most common digital product. However, common as they are, you may have never saw a 1280*960-pixel camera with the weight of only14g. Of course, the image quality it provided definitely can’t compete with iPhone or DSLR. But i give it five thumbs up for its creative idea.

X6 Mini cameraX6 Mini Camera

At the first sight of this two mini camera(silver and orange models), i was kinda surprised by their metal case with high sense, and stylish and colorful spray paints. There are nothing much in the package except a manual, X6 Mini camera and a USB cable. Yes, these cameras don’t have any RAM, so you have to insert a TF card firstly to take make it work. The thing is , how many photos you can take with 32G TF card? The answer is that amount reaches five figures.

I have kept saying they are a mini camera. But how mini they are? Actually, the width of these cameras approaches that of a one-yuan coin. You can use them as a key pendants.

X6 Mini cameraSmall as it is, these cameras are fully equipped with view finder, lens, shutter, mode button. The case is very smooth after being processed by Piano baking varnish technology. The lens cave in the surrounding plastic frame to get better protection. All parts of these cameras are super mini, which makes these X6 Minis look like cute toys. The MINI USB port is for charging and data transmission. For me, one obvious advantage of these cameras is they can be connected with PC under power-off mode, standby mode and even video mode.

I have talked about that the resolution is 1280*960, which is kinda low spec among professional cameras but common among portable digital devices. Through two buttons we can take photos and videos, which is very convenient and easy to hold with hands. But you have to pay attention to that unlike professional cameras, the viewfinder of X6 Mini has to keep 50cm under sufficient illumination to get natural videos.

After i got the photos took by X6 Mini camera, i was kinda disappointed. The photos are pretty cruel, not matter where they were taken. The white balance is not very accurate. But as it said, it just has 1280*920 pixels, so i can’t blame it. As for taking video, we can’t have high requirements on it too. This X6 Mini provide us with 30fps. In the 34-second video, there were some little crashes with some messy sound. Besides a camera, it is also a card reader. There is a card slot on the frame, you can insert your TF card into it, then connect the camera with PC to read the data from TF card. The manufacturer said that this camera can be used as web cam, but you had better not do this if you don’t want to drive people crazy.

Conclusion: this is a really interesting gadget. I am kinda surprised this little toy can have such full filming functions. Although the image quality really disappointed me, and even is worse than most cellphones. But it is just a little toy bringing freshness to people in their leisure time. Taking photos or videos is just one of many functions of X6 Mini camera. There is no doubt that the biggest highlight of this camera is the interestingness brought by this mini size.

X6 Mini camera X6 Mini camera

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