Wowstick A1 review: mini electronic screwdriver with multiple sizes of changeable bits

In our daily life, we sometimes need to repair something. At this time, some professional tools are necessary. Actually, this time I wanna introduce you one useful repairing tool called Wowstick A1. It is a mini electronic screwdriver and suitable for repairing some electronic products, such as, tablet, telephone, camera, and so on. Then, let me tell you some details of it.

Its components:

The screwdriver and 10 pcs different sizes screwdriver bits, included DB1.0, ST1.2, P2, P6, T5, T6, PH1, PH000, SL1.5, H3.0.
Wowstick A1Wowstick A1 screwdriverThis is the bits base and charger. Just plus the screwdriver in the middle of the round hole, via the Micro USB cord then you can charge it, also there are the indicator light on the top of the screwdriver that shows you the charging statue. Open the base cover, then you can find 10 pcs screwdriver bits, account for the magnetic design, they will not fall out unless you take them out.
Wowstick A1 screwdriver reviewWowstick A1 review
This is the screwpad, which you can place the screws on it. Because it also has the magnetic design, so the screws you put them on it would not be lost.Wowstick A1 screwdriver bits

The selective reasons:

▲mini shape and electronic power drives that save effort;
▲optional multiple sizes of screwdrivers bits, meeting your need in different uses;
▲high quality design that brings precious operation;
▲unique magnetic design, effectively avoiding losing the components;
▲easy and simple changing way;
▲LED light benefits for different environments use

According to the video, you can see that the operation of Wowstick A1 is simple and easy. Press the button above, then you can spin out the item, while press the button below, it will spin the item into. Besides, the round button in the middle is the LED light switch, pressing it and you will see the bright light.

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