Wowstick A1 mini electric screwdriver – the world’ s best electric screwdriver

Yesterday, I surfed in the websites and found one interesting item – Wowstick A1 mini electric screwdriver. Its appearance likes a pen but it is an electric screwdriver actually. The manufacturer announces that it is the world’ s best electric screwdriver, therefore, I wanna see what powerful functions it owns. If you are interested in it as the same, then you could follow my words next.
Wowstick A1 mini electric screwdriverAs for me, it is a new experience in using a screwdriver like holding a pen. Mini delicate slim aluminum alloy housing body with a pen shape, it is a pretty good helper for you in electronic repairing projects, especially some precision items. Besides, 10 pieces various size screwdriver bits attached, high suitability meeting your need in different items repairing. No matter to say it equipped with three LED bulbs lighting that you can see clearly when you do the repairing.
Wowstick A1 mini electric screwdriver Wowstick A1 mini electric screwdriverWhat’ s more, Wowstick A1 mini electric screwdriver is a multi-function tool. Regardless screwing, drilling or threading, it can reach all your operating demands. Moreover, equipped with magnetic board, it holds the screws taken off from the repairing items in no screws lost consequence. Automatic and manual operation design, ensuring high working efficiency.
Wowstick A1 mini electric screwdriver Wowstick A1 mini electric screwdriverIn concluded, Wowstick A1 mini electric screwdriver is a practical almighty repairing tool, various screwdriver bits satisfies your different commands. If you need one screwdriver, it will be your best choice.

2 thoughts on “Wowstick A1 mini electric screwdriver – the world’ s best electric screwdriver

  1. This review sounds like an advertisement. The writer stated the purpose of getting this tool to check out how powerful it is (then went on to talk about electronic repair). The photographs imply power buy using it on the door handle and lamp. The entire of review focuses on a small and tight space. Nothing about its capability, how long it last between the charge. Don’t tell me it last 5 hours of usage, just no way.
    The writer also mention about “drilling” and “threading”…. um…. This thing only need 5V and using USB port as a charger (30 min charge time)… It is a very low power…no way it will turn the door knob’s screw. Granted, this product is one of a kind, slim, handy, attractive looking, and no other product has the similar appearent. This product will be a good gift for your jeweller friends or cell phone repair otherwise don’t spend $80 on this tool.

    1. Yes, agreed. It DOES seem more of an advert than an actual review. I guess for phones, tablets etc its probably OK but for an “real” DIY job, then you will need something far more powerful

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