WIFI TV Dongle provides you much more fun with easy operation and configuration

WIFI TV DongleSometimes, we may find out that there is nothing we want to watch on TVs. And even there are some interesting shows, we have to wait a long time for the updates. But the most terrible thing is that the there are so many ads and they can last for even half hour, which really ruin our mood to enjoy some TV shows. Also, for some people, the computer screen is too small to enjoy a good TV show, so they prefer the big TVs. But unfortunately, there are much less choice for them on TVs. We all don’t want to be bothered by such problems when we want to relax and entertain ourselves, and here’s a good device which can solve these problems perfectly, Wifi TV Dongle.

First of all, you can watch more than 100000 original movies, variety shows, cartoons, documentaries and other kinds of videos on your TV with it. You can create your own media world with WIFI TV Dongle! As long as you have a router and a network speed more than 2M, then you totally have no need for paying the cable bill. This TV dongle supports more than 200 web TV channels. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows without any buffering. With it, you don’t have to tolerate the annoying advertisements which can waste tons of your time and you can completely enjoy your spare time.

WIFI TV Dongle(1)Supporting USB 2.0 wired keyboard and mouse or 2.4G wireless, WIFI TV Dongle allows you to use your TV as your PC! When you browse the websites or search the movies you want, with typing and clicking, everything will be a lot easier. Without a keyboard and mouse, you may spend minutes just on typing a name or something. Besides, it supports almost all formats of audio, video, ebook and picture. You can use it to form a powerful audio system, create your little movie theater, as ebook reader or electronic albums.

To be another attractive point, this TV dongle supports many android games, with such a big screen plus a strong audio system, you will definitely have ultimate enjoyment of playing games. Also, you can download other android apps to chat with your friends, check the stock market, let your parents and children have some fun, and etc. What makes WIFI TV Dongle different from other TV dongles is its appearance. It just looks like a bigger USB disk and you don’t need to plug any cables, which is really user-friendly and convenient. And all for under 30 dollars! I think you shouldn’t miss it.

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