The best Wi-Fi antenna booster offers a reasonable method to dispense with dead spots and stretch your Wi-Fi coverage to the part of the home where your switch can’t exactly reach. The best models do this without surrendering the rates you’re familiar with or requiring complex arrangement and the board. These little and modest Wi-Fi antenna boosters give a fast solution for weak wireless antenna and patchy coverage.

Try not to worry whether you should call them Wi-Fi boosters, wireless repeaters or signal extenders. While each term gets utilized as often as possible, this is the slightest bit of tech language that shouldn’t be confounding because they all mean something very similar. The main genuine distinction accompanies powerline extenders, which utilize an alternate technology.

wifi antenna booster


Desktop Wi-Fi Antenna Booster

Most desktop antenna booster merely looks like an ordinary wireless router. It is ordinarily equipped with customizable external antenna, various LAN ports for connecting with gadgets like TVs and gaming consoles, and USB ports for connecting to peripherals such as storage drives and printers.

Plug-in Antenna Boosters

Plug-in antenna boosters are much smaller than their desktop counterparts and are embedded directly into a wall outlet. A few models have outer antennas, while others utilize internal antennas to present an inconspicuous profile. Because of their size, plug-in boosters usually have a single LAN port and lack USB connectivity, making them less adaptable, however more affordable than desktop antenna boosters. If you can’t afford to forfeit a wall outlet, search for a plug-in model that offers a go through the outlet.


Not long ago, setting up a WiFi antenna booster required a touch of technical expertise and a good deal of tolerance to locate the best area (preferably somewhere between the routers and the dead zone). The vast majority of the present routers and Wi-Fi booster support WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), matching the two as simple as pressing a few buttons, naming your new expanded system, and making a system password. Also, all manufacturers offer online arrangement wizards and showed guidelines that will assist you in designing basic remote settings. A few (but not all) extenders are outfitted with LED status pointers that let you know whether the extender is excessively far from the switch. Extenders can likewise offer propelled switch like highlights, for example, visitor organizing, get to planning, and media server abilities.


While relatively simple to configure, Wi-Fi antenna boosters have their constraints. They utilize a different system SSID that you need to sign into as you travel through the house, and Wi-Fi speeds are ordinarily half of what you get from your main router. Most double band boosters utilize both radio groups to transmit data to and from the router, which implies gadgets associating with the extender are seeking transfer speed with the router. To help mitigate network congestion, few manufacturers let you commit a band for router-to-extender communications.


  • Capacity to choose a better channel: If the Wi-Fi extender has two radios, one radio can be utilized to associate with the Root, the other broadcast can be arranged on a channel not quite the same as that of Root—abstaining from meddling channels.
  • Viably wipes out Wi-Fi dead zone and offers quick Internet speeds.
  • One of the more affordable systems update-alternatives


  • Necessitates that you physically switch your gadget over to the new system
  • May encounter similarity issues with specific switches
  • Not perfect for large homes with numerous floors


If you’re trying to get things done and the internet connection is poor, don’t rush to run out and purchase another router. Odds are, a Wi-Fi antenna booster will get the job done. Visit Banggood.com to get your Wi-Fi Antenna Booster at a very cheap rate.

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