Why you should get yourself an IP camera

If you are an avid follower of technology trends, you will notice that IP cameras are the latest advancement in the field of surveillance. These cameras offer a myriad of features and are more reliable when it comes to home security. Unlike their predecessor, the CCTV cameras, IP cameras can transmit data through a Local Area Network or a Wide Area Network such as the internet. This ability enables users to access and view footage remotely, something that has made IP cameras the number one choice for many buyers who are looking to secure their private property.

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Why get an IP camera?

When it comes to home security, you shouldn’t underestimate anything. You should be willing to spend a bit more to ensure the safety of your family and property. This is where an IP camera comes in. With an IP camera, you will be able to monitor everything that happens in and around your home remotely. In the event that something happens, you will have enough video evidence to bring the culprits to book.

Xiaomi XiaoFang Smart Camera

Features of IP cameras that make it stand out

Multiple remote access

In a fast-passed world, technology has enabled us to get more computing power in much smaller devices. Most IP cameras now allow you to get real-time footage on your phone or laptop from a remote location. To enable you to view the footage from your mobile device, the camera will come with an app that you will have to install on your device to access and view the footage.

Xiaomi XiaoFang Smart Camera

1080p HD Resolution

If you want to use your camera’s footage as evidence of a crime, it is important that it is able to take high-resolution videos. Investigators are more likely to identify culprits if they can see their facial features or identify the license plates on their getaway cars. Smart cameras such as the Xiaomi xiaofang IP Camera can capture videos in a larger and much clearer format as compared to conventional CCTV cameras. Sensors mounted on the camera can also allow a remote user to zoom in on picture and videos to bring out more details.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Camera

Wide-Dynamic Range (WDR)

When taking footage in an area where the lighting is uneven. Most IP cameras can balance out the light, making the images and videos much clearer.

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Smart Infrared

Most security cameras are mounted in dimly lit areas and it becomes harder to recognize faces that come too close to the camera. In such a situation, the image may white out or become too bright because of the inbuilt infrared LEDs. IP cameras with Smart IR are able to adjust the strength of a camera’s IR making it possible for you to recognize faces even when they come too close to the camera.

 Wireless Security Camera

Recommended products

If you are in the market for a new ip camera, you can have a look at the new Xiaomi xiaofang IP Camera. This product is not only fairly priced but has all the nifty features that you would expect in a good IP camera. You can use it in your home, office or warehouse to monitor activities from any remote location in the world.

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