Why You Need Xiaomi Smart Switch Air Conditioner: Gateway Edition

Xiaomi is the most renowned high-tech brand and one of the most excellent manufacturers of smartphones, related consumer electronics, and laptops. Based in Beijing, Xiaomi Company offers the most advanced products at affordable rates and prices for the customers all over the world.

Xiaomi Smart Switch

Why choose Xiaomi Smart Switch?

If you had a bad day at work, it would feel much better heading home in the evening to find your smart home intact. There are many ways to make your home smart and making your home attractive and smart doesn’t have to cost you a lot of dollars, either. Using Xiaomi Aqara air conditioner is one of the best ways to make your home smart. Also known as the gateway edition, Xiaomi makes your already purchased air conditioner smart to give you the ultimate comfort when pending the rest of your day indoors. Here are Xiaomis smart switch features you need to know about


  •    Dynamic adjustment

After having a long day at work, you’ll need to spend your night relaxing in your bedroom. The Aqara conditioning companion keeps your bedroom at a moderate temperature to maximize your comfort. While in sleep mode, Aqara conditioning companion adjusts the indoor temperature by monitoring the environment temperature. This is made possible by the Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor that gets more accurate and actual temperature data from the environment.

  •    Remote control

Xiaomi smart switch lets you control your air conditioner by turning it or off remotely. You can also set your conditioner to be at a specific temperature by the time you get home. Regardless of where you are, switch your air conditioner on or off at any specified time.

  •    Smart linkage

A good air conditioner should link with other smart home devices. The gateway function allows Aqara conditioning companion to link with other smart home devices easily. Xiaomi smart switch connects with other devices via the Mi smart home app.

  •    Energy management

Don’t be left behind by the new age of original reservation and timing. To get a smart home, you don’t necessarily have to spend more dollars on your power bills. Xiaomi smart switch easily detects the actual power of your air conditioner and regulates the power consumption.


Aqara conditioning companion not only safeguards the quality of your life but also saves you money. Based on wireless transmission technology, this high-tech product works with your conditioner through infrared signals.

Xiaomi Smart Switch

The ultimate guide on Xiaomi smart switch installation

. Merely plug Aqara conditioning companion on your wall outlet

. Download the Mi Smart Home app (Add the Aqara conditioning companion)

. Set up and link the control wall switch with Mi Smart Home devices using the provided instructions


Xiaomi smart switch gives you an opportunity to experience the new age of deep air conditioner remote control. With unique features such as gateway function, dynamic adjustment, and smart linkage, Xiaomi Aqara air conditioning companion is designed to maximize your comfort and safeguard the quality of your life.

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