Have you ever heard the saying that says: “killing two birds with one stone?” Now I’m offering you this once in lifetime opportunity to experience this package, to have a chance to learn to code and create your own projects in one platform. As a young innovator myself I want to interact with a platform that will enable me to be creative and imaginative, having that chance to change the world who in this world wouldn’t want that? Personally, I would want that, in fact, I would do anything for that opportunity.

arduino starter kit

Imagine interacting with electronics and coding at the same time who wouldn’t want that? I remember when I was young I used to love to interact with gadgets for example motherboards of radios and computers but at that time I didn’t know what I was dealing with. Now I am really glad for platforms such as ARDUINO STARTER KIT which has educated me and various areas of electronics. Furthermore it has enabled me to gain knowledge in programming (C, C++, machine language and embedded systems) and know that I have grown to be a young adult I am in a position to create systems and gadgets which I assure you that would make your work easier, more comfortable and life much happier, who wouldn’t want that? Unless you are crazy!’


Some of those systems are such as Hacking Buttons- which gives you a platform to be able to manage and control your home/work devices at one point, who wouldn’t want to have control over their devices? Personally, I enjoy having control over things, even when God created us, He said go and have dominion over the things He created. This gives you that chance to live in you rightful act.

MINI DS212 Oscilloscope

The other system is, the Mood Clue system which informs how you’re progressing in your activities, I know you would be asking yourself how does it work? Basically it has sensors which monitor your breathing rates, blood pressure and uses these data to interpret your stress levels and gives you an interpretation of the data and finally, it gives you recommendations on what to do. Either to reduce the number of activities that you are involving yourself into or if it’s on a serious note you seek medical advice.


Finally, the system that I would mention is a love -o-meter which tells you how hot-blooded’ you are. What I know, that’s an advantage especially for those who are at the old age, as you know hypertension is a silent killer, so this will help you manage your blood pressure.

arduino starter kit

In conclusion, I would use the arduino starter kit at any time because it’s the best platform there is in matters to do with innovation, creativity and making life easier!

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