Why 3D printers are a necessity nowadays

Did you know that 3D printing actually existed back in the 1980’s? Back then it was known as “stereolithography” and it preceded what we now consider 3D printing. Not only that, but as time progresses, 3D printing is being used to print production-ready parts rather than just prototyping. This means cheaper and more cost-effective pieces being produced for both personal and commercial use.


Speaking of modern times, 3D printers have completely revolutionized parts manufacturing. Almost every industry in the world utilizes at least some 3D printing to improve their products. These industries range from retail to healthcare and even to the car industry. Ever since the late 1900’s, 3D printing technology has only gotten better due to technological advances made in the field resulting in major breakthroughs in various industries due to 3D printing including the world’s first 3D printed house, 3D printed prescription drug, and even a 3D printed fully working rocket engine designed by NASA.

3d printer kit

3D printers have gained so much popularity over the years that the number of people who own a 3d printer has been increasing drastically. This may be especially due to the immense advantage of owning one for DIY projects. Not only are these printers great for prototyping, but they also allow for easy parts production for simple or complex DIY projects. There are even large communities online full of DIYers aptly sharing their creations with each other and helping others with their projects. Even schools nowadays are beginning to encompass 3D printers in related classes and clubs, due to the steady rise in their popularity and demand. 3D printer kits are specially designed for building a 3D printer from scratch, allowing students a much more in-depth experience with the technology.


Now there are quite a few 3D printers and 3d printer kit on the market today, but there are some specifications that consumers should look out for when browsing for a high-quality one. Build area, build quality, and price should definitely be taken into consideration when looking to buy a suitable 3D printer. These are some of the most important characteristics of a high-quality one so they should definitely not be overlooked.

3d printer kit

There are actually many high-quality 3D printers available for purchase right now! A very popular one is the FormLabs Form 2. The Form 2 is great for beginners due to its simple user-friendly interface and the large selection of materials. Although it doesn’t have a huge build area, the Form 2 makes up for it with its exceptional print performance and easy-to-use software. Another great 3D printer is the Flashforge Finder. This beast of a 3D printer not only keeps quiet throughout its printing process, but it also provides good print quality and affordability. If you’re looking for size, then the MakerBot Replicator+ might be the one for you. It boasts a huge 6.5 x 11.6 x 7.6-inch build volume.


3D printers, especially nowadays, are extremely useful because of their fast production time, inexpensive nature, and high build quality. Not only are 3D printers here to innovate today, but they’re also here to revolutionize tomorrow.

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