You Whistle, It Reply, The Funny Whistle Key Finder

Apparel products are actually very diversity now, and a lot of change, such as the peculiar key chain we saw today. It called whistle key finder, is a kind of key chain product that can find keys by whistle or such as high frequency voice for activation.

whistle key finderWe often don’t know where to put the key at home, but image that if the key you can voice, then can find out very easy. It is a product which principle is quite simple, but practicality is good. Through a few button batteries to keep it working. As long as with the key in the same space, blowing a whistle or shout then can activate the key chain and make it beep and flash. Then we can find the keys by the voice. This kind of whistle key finder has a simple appearance, similar to common car remote control key, can hang worn on the objects such as keys or a wallet. And it can run independently, no need to drive to use with other equipment. This key chain is easy to use, just need to turn on the swith, in usual, you can keep the swith turns on, it will ignore the voice, laugh and the other daily noise and keep quiet, because it only response to the noise over 1000-1200hz. What’s more, there is a LED light with it, when the little issue had be active, the LED light will flash at the same time, the good brightness will helps you to find your way in the dark.

The technical content in the product like whistle key finder is not high, but combined to the very useful in our daily use environment, it is believe that everyone would meet the state that can’t find keys or wallets, through a voice of chain we can easily find it, and no need to drive by mobile devices, it will be more convenience in using.

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