Where to buy LCD screens

LCD, which stands for liquid crystal display, is a flat-panel display or any other optical device that is electronically modulated, and uses the light-modulating properties of liquid crystals together with polarizers. Instead of emitting light directly, the liquid crystals uses a reflector or a backlight to produce images monovhrome or color. In the past, LCD were restricted only to notebooks, but nowadays, you will find them even on desktops.

Where to buy LCD screens

Basically, one of the most important thing you should know concerning the LCD technology is that the LCD panels do have a fixed resolution, known as ‘native resolution,’ maximum resolution, or just resolution, which you have to configure your desktop to. Failure to which will result to the following outcomes;

First, the images becomes blurred, where you might even see lots of squared areas without any definition. Second, the screen centralizes images in the new resolution, which reduces the size of the images, thereby inserting a black frame all around the images. The third outcome is where the monitor tries to stretch the pictures to try and hide the black area surrounding it, filling the entire screen.

Now, due to this inherent feature in the LCD panels, it will mean that you will have to choose an LCD monitor with a resolution that makes you comfortable. Remember that higher resolution doesn’t always translates to better experience, and so is average resolution. So, it all depends with how you use the screen.

Types of LCD screens

Twisted Nematic (TN) – even though they do have low contrast ratios, color contrast and viewing angles, they have pretty high response times.

In Panel Switching displays (IPS) – boosts much better viewing angles, contrast ratios and color contrast as compared to TN.

Vertical alignment panels – now between the IPS and TN, these ones are seen as the medium size, in terms of display.

Advanced Fringe Field Switching (AFFS) – when it comes to color production range, this is definitely the top performer.

Where to buy

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