Where to buy a copper wire

As you know, copper is used in a variety of applications, one being electrical wires. This is most common use for copper wires. They are used as a TV cable, computer cable, a construction tool or kitchen appliance. Featuring the atomic number 29, this re-brown metal has for sure become one of the most essential item to our daily life by helping power countless devices. Maybe that’s why you are looking for one. Anyway, before I tell where to buy a copper wire, please allow me to tell you why these wires are so efficient when it comes to transmitting electricity; I know you might be wondering the same thing.

Where to buy a copper wire

For starters, copper wire are highly conductive. Surpassed by silver only, copper is a highly conductive metal, which means that electricity can go through it with greater ease. Secondly, copper wires are pretty cheap, which is especially true when you compare it to other metals. For instance, gold is a pretty good conductor itself, but it’s very expensive. Thirdly, copper aren’t just conductive, but they are also ductile. This means that you can bend and flex the damn thing – to some degree – without breaking it or sustaining any damage thereof. The importance in this ductility lies in the fact that copper wires are bent a lot when transmitting power throughout the home.

Where to buy

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