Where to Buy 12V Power Supply

Every electrical load requires electric power to carry out its functions. The electrical load will require the right voltage, current and frequency for that matter. A power supply converts electric current from a source to the designated power load. Some power supplies are inbuilt while others are separate stand-alone pieces.

What is 12V power supply?

A 12V power supply refers to any electrical outlet that gives an output of 12 volts. 12V power supplies are able to take an input of around 100V-240V AC from source of power like your wall socket, and give an output of 12V DC.12V power supply are either regulated or unregulated.  12V power supply are widely used in most modern devices like Hard Drives, DVD players, LCD screens and many other digital devices.

Where to Buy 12V Power Supply

How to choose the right 12v power supply for your device

The most crucial information you need to have before ordering your power supply for your intended device is the Voltage/Volts (V) and Amperage/Amps (A). The Voltage of the device and the Voltage of the power supply must be precisely the same. Amperage refers to the amount of power your device uses. This information can be found at the back of the device or even the old power supply. If the specifications are not visible from both the device and the old power supply, you can always check the manufacturer’s website or the device manual.

Once you have identified the required voltage i.e. 12V, the next thing you need to select is the Amps. If your device for example draws 3 Amps (3A), then a power supply from 3A and above can work like 3A, 4A or 5A. If the Amperage indicated in your device is uneven such as 4.16A or 3.13A, always round up. For instance, a 4.16A device will round up to a 4.5A power supply.

After getting these two information (both the Voltage and Amperage), you can easily order the right power supply like the adapter. You won’t have to worry about the connector because most 12V DC devices use the standard tip.

Where to buy 12Vpower supply

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