Where can I get biconvex lenses?

What is a biconvex lens? Before discussing about biconvex lens, we need to have an idea about lenses and optics. Well, lenses are of different types, like simple lenses, compound lenses, and complex lenses. Simple lenses are further divided into many more types. Biconvex lens or convex lens is a type of simple lens that bulges outward in the center.

biconvex lense

What are biconvex lenses?
Biconvex lenses are also known as double convex lenses. They allow parallel light rays to pass through the lens and bend the light rays inward to join at a specific point. The point at which a lens lets the light rays to meet is known as the focal point of that lens. As the convex lens bends the light rays inward, the lens is also known as converging lens.

Properties of a biconvex lens

  • A biconvex lens has the ability to converge the incident light.
  • They bulge outward from the center.
  • Biconvex lenses possess positive focal length
  • They can form both real and virtual images
  • They have shorter focal length
  • Convex lenses can minimize the spherical aberration

Applications of Biconvex lenses

  • Biconvex lens are used as a magnifying or condensing lenses.
  • They are also used as objectives or magnifiers
  • These are utilized in many of imaging systems such as the telescopes, monocular, microscopes, binoculars, cameras, projectors, etc.
  • These are used in producing the virtual image in case of a human eye and a real image in case of the photographic films or an optical sensor
  • These lenses are also used as a burning-glass.
  • These are used in the applications of image relays and also in various kinds of industries

Where to buy biconvex lenses
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biconvex lens is one of the best lenses that can be used in a condition where a beam of light incident on lens is diverging in nature.

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