Where can I buy cheap drones?

What comes in your mind when someone mentions a good event video? Most probably you will think of vast amount of image data, high quality photographs and video, clear images and many more appealing attributes. This won’t be possible without drones.

What is a drone?

A drone is an aircraft technology that is remotely controlled through a software-managed flight plan in their fixed systems. They work together with onboard sensors and GPS. They are also called unnamed aerial aircrafts (UAVs).

 Where can I buy cheap drones?

Advantages and uses of drones

  • They are used to take high quality photographs and videos.
  • In military they are used in surveillance, bomb detection and sometime in air strikes.
  • They are used in disaster management by collecting information instead of using manpower.
  • With the help of thermal sensors, drones are used in rescue operations and healthcare.
  • They are greatly used in archeological surveys and geographical mapping.
  • They are used in law enforcement.

How does a drone work?

Drones are made with light complex materials to increase mobility and reduce weight. Drones are equipped with different components such remote ground control system (GSC), camera, GPS and laser. For a drone to fly you need a controller (transmitter). There are four main drone controls that are common in all drones.

  • Roll- by moving or pushing the right stick on your transmitter, your drone is able to move on the left or right side. If you push the stick on the right, the drone will move towards the right and vice versa.
  • Pitch-a pitch in a drone results to the drone moving forward or backwards. This is done by pushing the stick on the right side of the transmitter forwards or backwards.
  • Yaw- when you want to rotate your drone either clockwise or anticlockwise you yaw. This is done by simply moving the left stick on your transmitter either right or left. It allows the pilot to make circular motions.
  • Throttle-this is done to give the propeller on your drone power. It is done by pushing the left stick on the transmitter forward or backward. To engage you push forwards and to disengage backwards.

Where to buy a drone

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