Where can I buy a tape aux

The tape aux adapter allows another source of music to be played through sound systems with a tape player. This is useful for vehicles without auxiliary (aux) ports or CD players.

Tape aux
Applications of tape aux
A tape aux could also be used with other audio equipment, such as a microphone, handheld game console, or laptop computer. It can also be used in a home tape deck to play sound from any equipment, such as a personal computer, when computer speakers are in short supply.

Where to buy a tape aux
Banggood.com is an online store where you can purchase a tape aux. Available also in their store is anything that concerns electronics. Their products are of top quality and over time have been found to be affordable too.

The practical and functional opposite of using a tape aux adapter, is using a cassette player on an AUX input of a stereo that doesn’t have a built-in cassette deck, which can be useful in some cases.

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