What you need to know about the smart IP camera

IP cameras offer better monitoring of your video security system with much higher resolution than traditional analog cameras. Higher resolution means better clarity and detail in camera views with the ability to post-record zoom in critical areas with a much wider view of up to 90 degrees. IP outdoor cameras are contained in a weatherproof housing able to withstand the temperatures and humidity of the outdoor environment. Dome and bullet type cameras are used in outdoor installations and home security.

xiaomi mijia 1080p smart ip camera

IP cameras networks

IP cameras are usually configured on a private network and the camera data is not shared on the local company network due to bandwidth issues. An HD IP camera may require up to 5MPS, so a private and local network is established for communication between IP cameras and the network video recorder. The cameras are made available by on-demand connection for local and remote access.


PoE – Power-Over-Ethernet has made ip camera installation a ready-to-use method for most network video recorders because IP addressing and configuration are a thing of the past. Quality NVRs will provide configuration tools and systems that make IP camera systems quiet and easy to install. Many NVRs now provide embedded PoE, so external power sources for cameras are not needed. In addition, the data network for the cameras is integrated into the NVR device.

xiaomi mijia 1080p smart ip camera

Advanced features of IP camera systems

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – One of the best improvements in high quality camera systems, WDR provides dynamic contrast and balance in shadows (dark areas) and bright light. The old cameras treated the entire field of view and tried to balance the brightness, which resulted in poor quality in contrasting areas of vision. WDR provides brightness in the shadows and in the same FOV, reduces the brightness of the areas of the window with a setting sun.

Wireless Security Camera

Intelligent Search Features – The ability to search for motion detection is a remarkable feature in IP cameras, and Smart Search provides motion in any area of the field of view. Motion Detection detects motion across the entire field of view, and Smart Search provides the same ability in any area of the field of view. For example, you can search for a parking area before or search that has crossed the door in the lower right of the field of view.


Alarm Notifications – The ability to send a text message or email certain notifications is an underutilized feature available in most IP cameras on the market. The ability to alert you by SMS or email in case of hard drive failure, loss of video, etc. can enable proactive service of the critical video security system. Another popular alert is motion detection in some cameras that not only provide a text or an email of movement, but a video snapshot of motion detection.

Wireless Security Camera

Face recognition and analysis – Face recognition is the most recognized video security analysis. However, proactive video surveillance features that track certain movements and alert monitors during special events are also valuable. Crowd detection and aggressive behavior are observed in large, complex systems that require a proactive monitoring program.


One of the best and most affordable IP cameras on the market is the Xiaomi xiaofang IP camera. Xiaomi xiaofang cameras provide detailed high definition images. IP cameras now reach 3-5 megapixels, and compression technology is advancing towards 4K video security and beyond. The price of IP cameras continues to decline as more and more IP cameras enter the market.

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