What You Do Not Know About Retro Games Consoles

Retro gaming has been one of the most popular games among people. Due to their popularity, we can now find magazines and books on such a subject for the gamer and enthusiasts. While the emulation of the retro systems on peoples PC, you can as well prefer to buy the original hardware. Many game console manufacturers have taken various steps in ensuring that they revive some of the best games which were based on old hardware. Retro Games Consoles Wired Gamepad has been a very significant feature in the gaming industry. Below is a brief review of the 16 Bit Retroflag Retro Games Consoles as one of the best Console game you can still enjoy.

retro gaming consoles

A Glimpse of the 16 Bit Retroflag Retro Games Consoles

  1. The Super Nintendo

Having emerged in 1991, Super Nintendo has been so far one of the best retro gaming consoles in the era of 16-bit. The Super Nintendo has so far risen over several contenders such as the Sega Genesis. It has as well managed to stay in the first position along with its triple-A titles. It has also remained affordable and provides the best stereo sound for the game. The Nintendo features a cable and of course a hand-held controller.

With more than 725 games in its memory, SNES is among the best consoles which were introduced to the market with third-party support. It also gained its reputation and public relation advantages with its principal third-party developer: the great Capcom. Later Nintendo was able to develop the Super FX chip hence giving the game 3D capability. Some of the 3D titles include the great Doom and Starfox. For those who would want to have a test of the 90s gaming experience, then SNES is the best options.

retro gaming consoles

  1. The 16- Bit Era Sega Genesis

At some point, Sega Genesis was considered more popular than the Nintendo Mario. Nevertheless, Sega Genesis was introduced to the market as a real 16-bit gaming console in 1989.  Sega Genesis boasts the best gaming controllers with an array for superior sport gaming options. The Sega Genesis games featured different tonality and fast gameplay options. This excellent title also offers various options such as the NBA, FIFA, NFL, and NHL. The Sega Genesis is soon expected to launch its amazing six-button retro games wired Gamepad.

One of the advantages of this amazing gaming console is its ability to offer a wide array of games. You will never get bored with this kind of game console especially if you like exploring new gaming options. The gaming console now offers HD games making it more favorable to players.

retro gaming consoles


Many people love retro gaming, and it is time to explore the excellent early gaming options with your computer or TV screen. The use of emulation software can make you explore any game you may need to play irrespective of the year it was introduced. Such software will enable you to play the games on any given computer system. Choose and enjoy what you love.

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