What SMARTECH Power Kit Contains

The smart tech power kit is basically an As Seen on TV jack-of-all-trades charger plus toolset containing battery clamps, a wall charger, a car charger, laptop charger adapters, and a hand-held air compressor. The defining characteristic of this power kit is the various charging options it provides. The versatile and powerful unit can charge just about anything, from your phone to your car battery, and can inflate car and bicycle tires, and even features an LED flashlight. Now, this review talks about the kit, what it comes in it and what it does, and the value of it.


What’s included in the smartech power kit

In the kit there are nine items included;

  • Powerpack and battery clamps
  • Carrying case
  • Car charger and wall charger 12V\19V
  • Laptop charger adapter
  • USB power cord with lighting and mini-USB ends
  • 150 PSI hand-held air compressor.

The power pack and the air compressor are high-value items in our opinion. According to the SMARTECH website say that the air compressor is a rechargeable device, battery-powered that can fill five tires on one charge. According to the facts, it can fill tires up to 150 PSI which can take about five minutes to charge a tire. The three different tips to change quickly from a car-tire inflator to a ball inflator. Talking of the power pack, it has a versatile charging station which has the clamps and the adaptors which can enable to start something simple as a mobile phone or a car battery.


According to the SMARTECH FAQ, the charger contains 12,000 Mah of power, which is likely the same as that of a portable power bank for laptops or for phones. Having a fully charged power pack can provide multiple or one chargers according to what you are powering up. The tech site EayAcc you can accurately calculate how many charges a full power pack can provide by diving 12,000mah by mah of the battery or the device you want to charge. But for now, cell phones require much less power to charge. The power pack these days provides a decent number of charges for the Apple and the Samsung phones. But when it runs out of power the SMARTECH says that it can take up to seven hours to get back to full charge. Research was done to figure out how many mah are needed to jump-start a car. We realize that a 6,000mah power source can give more power. The SMERTECH kit provides 12,000mah which is enough to start a car. 

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