What screwdriver opens Xbox one controller?

Every hard-core gamer understands the feeling of having a busted controller. I mean it’s not possible to experience gaming as you may desire with a faulty controller. Xbox one controllers are insanely expensive and that’s why it’s much better to repair a damaged controller rather than getting a new one.  For this reason or other reasons like the desire to change the physic of your controller maybe to magnetic thumbsticks, skull buttons, customized paddles or girly-like features-the list is limited by your imagination-you will need to open the Xbox one controller.

What screwdriver opens Xbox one controller?

If you look closely at the screws that have fastened an Xbox one controller they are not the normal ones, they are special screws called torx screws and that’s why they require a torx screwdriver to open them. The screws that are keeping both the backplate and frontplate tight and intact are really special because they are tamper proof screws. Besides the six-sided star shape of the screw, they also have a pin like point in the middle. To open these screws you will require a security torx screwdriver because it has the features that will enable successful opening.  All the five 10mm screws located at the back of the Xbox one controller will require a T8 security torx screwdriver to open. You might not be able to locate the fifth screw because it’s a hidden screw at the middle of the controller that is hidden by the label.

Once inside the controller, there are two 7mm screws located near the rumble motor sockets. They are also torx screws in nature. Opening these two screws you will require a torx screwdriver but this time a T6 torx screwdriver. When opening these screws you need to be heedful because they are located near the motherboard and you don’t want to damage the motherboard. Lift the motherboard slide located at the middle part of the controller upward and once you have removed it, you will notice six torx screws fastened on the bottom motherboard. To open these screws you will require a T6 torx screwdriver and of course carefully. In case you have some trouble opening your Xbox one controller its advisable to visit the manufacturer website for enquiries.

Those are all the screws that are found on an Xbox one controller with the right screwdrivers needed to open it. Luckily, Xbox one controller opening kit is available that comes with the best screwdrivers set for your Xbox one controller.


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