What is The Best Vape Battery?

To keep enjoying inhaling and exhaling the vapour produced by your electronic cigarette, you need a powerful and durable battery. Batteries are the engine for your vaporizer. When classifying which are the best batteries, there’re three key factors considered. These are capacity, output and safety.

18650 battery

Vape mods are usually powered by an integrated pack or a removable battery. Removable batteries are known to be safe to charge and are more versatile. Today, 18650 battery is the most common battery for vaping. These batteries offer better quality and more control over the performance of your vape mod.

A battery charger is a gadget used to store energy into a rechargeable battery by passing the electric current through. It will stop charging automatically when it recognizes irregular input voltage, a short circuit or a non-rechargeable battery. When the battery’s full or overcharging, it cuts off the power automatically.

18650 battery

Characteristics of a good vaping battery

  1. High Capacity

There’re many factors that affect the performance of the battery. Some devices use more power compared to others while others worsen with time. The higher the capacity, the longer it will last, and the less you’ll need to recharge it. The battery’s capacity is usually measured in milliampere-hours(mAh). Highest capacity batteries range at around 3500mAh while the lowest, range around 1500mAh.

  1. High Voltage

It depends on whether it’s regulated or unregulated. For the former, high voltage means current drawn from the battery that will be low hence the battery doesn’t need to work hard. Unregulated devices with high voltage tend to deliver more current to the vape’s coil, which results in more vapour and flavour.

18650 battery

  1. High Current Rating

The battery you intend to use should always give the current you need without having to overheat. In the market today, you can either have a high current rated vape battery or a high capacity battery but not both.

  1. Low Temperature

It is really crucial when choosing your vaping battery. Batteries that overheat and explode can be dangerous, and you should try to avoid it. Also, it is dangerous to the life of the battery. High temperatures may destroy your battery or cause it to prematurely age and should, therefore, be avoided. The ideal vape battery you need is one that runs on high voltage for long periods. And during cool temperatures, it can also operate.

18650 battery

You ought to be extra cautious with re-wrapped batteries that are common cells that failed the quality assurance from the initial manufacturer. Some sellers try to boost the price of the sticker by overstating the capacities and ratings.

Due to the many reports on battery exploding, safety has become essential when it comes to choosing a reliable vape battery. A good battery should have an amp limit that’s high, to allow the battery to run for long periods. If you prefer high-wattage vaping, go for the battery that provides high current but also controls the heat.

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