What is an Electrical Gadget?

Do you know there is a difference between electrical gadgets and electronic gadgets? Even though they work together in making a system run, there is a lot of difference between the two.

Electrical devices are gadgets that use electrical energy directly to perform tasks. They transform electric current to simple forms of energy like heat, light or motion. Examples of electrical gadgets are lighting, vacuums, toaster and IT equipment like printers. They consume more power and are used to do mechanical work. Unlike electronic gadgets which are able to manipulate data, electrical gadgets do not manipulate data because they have no decision making capabilities.

What is an Electrical Gadget?

Benefits of electrical gadgets

  • They help in making our lives easier for example, dish washer and washing machine.
  • They are used for entertainment like television and game console.
  • They are used for learning for example, a computer

Properties of electrical gadget

  • Mainly work on alternating current.
  • They use metals like copper and aluminum to conduct currents.
  • Work on high voltage.
  • Their conductivity is high.
  • Their power consumption is high.
  • Mostly there are heavy and large in size.

How does an electrical gadget work?

Since most of the home appliances are electrical gadgets, you must have realized that for them to work they must be connected to direct electric power. The process begins by switching on the power. Current flows through the hot wire (mostly black) to the gadget and returns through the neutral wire (mostly white). Like in the case of heating appliances like a toaster, they have a special wire called an element.

This element is designed to make electric current difficult to pass through hence once a current is passing, some energy turns into heat. That’s why due to the heat resistance they glow, like in the case of a toaster it glows bright red. Examples of heat electrical gadgets are electric stove and steam and dry iron.

In motor appliances, they convert electrical energy to motion. A shaft that is rotated by the principle of electromagnetism caused by a motor after receiving electric energy brings along motion. If the end of the shaft was a blade, it will be able to cut and blend food. Motor appliances include blenders, ice cream maker and electric shavers.

There are other electrical gadgets that use a combination of both motor and heat. They include electric bread maker. It has the ability to mix dough and bake bread.

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