Knowledge About an AC Adapter

An AC adapter, also known as a power adapter or power supply, plugs into a standard electrical outlet, converting the AC electrical current from the outlet on the wall to the needed specifications by the electrical device that has been plugged in. it is basically a box that is attached to the power cord, either at the end where the device plugs into the wall, or at the middle of the cord. If you didn’t know, there are so many devices around your home that rely on AC power adaptors for power supply. Things like cell phones, laptops, cordless phones compact disc players, digital photo frames, video game systems – just to name a few.

what is an AC adaptor

How an AC adaptor works

Like I stated above, an AC adaptor converts electric current from the electrical outlet into a lower alternating current that can be used by an electric device. Inside the adaptor, there are two wire windings wrapping a single iron core the first wire receives 120-volt alternating current which is delivered to the electrical outlet, thereby creating an electric field in the iron core. The second wire, on the other hand, turns the electric filed that has been created into a smaller alternating electric current. The resultant alternating current will be dependent upon the coils on the second winding in relation to the number of coils in the first winding, for its measure. If the first winding two times the second winding, the alternating current will measure only half of what it did when it came through the adapter. This means that if there were 80 coils on the fist winding, then there will be only 50 coils in the second winding.

Alternating current and direct current

Now, alternating current stands for electrical currents that are utilized to deliver power from power plants to business and homes. Graphically, alternating currents are indicated as waves that go up and down; reason being, these currents don’t flow in a single direction constantly, but in alternate directions, flowing forward and backward. On the other hand, direct currents describes electrical currents flowing in a single direction. They are mostly produced in batteries and normally used by the devices that relies on battery power.

Where to buy

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