What is an AC adapter for a phone?

We can agree that we are in the times we are living in, there are a lot of devices. I mean, almost everyone on the plant owns one or more electronic devices. And if you do, then you are aware of what AC adapters are. You see, every device requires to be charged, and you can charge it without an AC adapter. Basically, an AC adapter is an external power supply that’s used with the devices that runs on batteries – like phones and laptops – or the ones that have no other power source.

What is an AC adapter for a phone?

In the case of phones, the AC adapter helps to minimize the power that goes into the device. The adapter comprises of a central unit that draws power from an AC outlet. Then, it converts the power to direct current that is used by the device, and a second cord, which plugs into the device.

Each adapter carries a specific power rating, which is measured in watts or volts that the device can handle. And since the power rating as well as the type of plug used on the device are not universal, the adapter is only used on the devices with the same connector and requirements.

Benefits of AC adapters

Safety – the essence of the adapters is safety; as they protect the devices from electric current. You see, the adapters minimizes the voltages getting to the electronic device. High voltages can easily destroy the device

Heat reduction – excess heat reduces the longevity and reliability of electronic devices, thereby causing sensitive circuits to malfunction and become inaccurate.

Ease of replacement – electronic devices are prone to malfunctioning especially if they are exposed to electric spikes. In case there is a spike of electric current, the adapter is the one that takes all the heat and it is the one the one that gets destroyed instead of your device. The adptera are easily replaceable and are also cheaper to replace when compared to replacing or repair your device.

In conclusion, AC adapters are pretty critical when charging your electronic devices. Without an adapter, your device is prone to damage caused by the electric current.

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