What is an AC adapter for a laptop?

If you own a laptop, then you definitely have its charger. And if you have a charger, it means that you have an AC adapter with you. Basically, one half of your charger is the AC adapter, while the other half is the cord that is plugged in the socket. The adapter converts your mains power AC 110-240V AC into smaller voltages that your laptop needs to operate. AC adapters aren’t used to charge laptops only, they are also used to charge all battery operated devices. They are quite important because, if they fail, it will mean that you will have to buy another as you won’t be able to charge your laptop without it.

What is an AC adapter for a laptop?

How do you connect an AC power adapter to your laptop?

  • The first step is to confirm that the adapter is a genuine part of the computer. Some adapters aren’t compatible with some machines, so always ensure that your adapter and your computer are adaptable.
  • Secondly, plug the DC connector into the power connector on your laptop.
  • Thirdly, plug the power cord into the adapter.
  • The last step is to plug the power cord into a working power wall outlet.

How to use a power adapter safely?

  • Always plug the power cord into an outlet that is accessible at all times.
  • Ensure that the outlet you are using is grounded, otherwise you may notice some electrical tingling sensation when you touch the laptop during use.
  • When disconnecting power from your laptop, always ensure that you unplug the power cord from the wall socket first, before unplugging the power cord from the computer.
  • Do not keep the power adapter in areas such as under cabinets, near heaters or exhaust fans or covered by objects such as blankets, books or clothing where the ambient temperature can reach over 35 degrees, preventing convection cooling.

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