What is a gimbal?

If you’re an aspiring videographer, or even cinematographer, you’ve probably used a gimbal. But if you haven’t…how come? They’ll make your shooting life a whole lot easier. And they’re pretty fun to use. So, what is a gimbal? And how can you use them to make your shots just a bit better? Let’s find out.

What is a Gimbal?
A gimbal can be described as a pivoted point that allows you to rotate an object along a single axis. You can capture incredible images from various angles by shooting with a gimbal. It is mostly used while making videos but can also help in capturing amazing still photos. You can rotate your camera smoothly in different directions by combining three separate gimbals. It will provide you with three axes to rotate on your handheld video camera.

Reasons to use a gimbal in a camera
Save energy
The lightweight of a gimbal saves your energy and give you total freedom to move as you please. It makes the operation of the camera much more comfortable than handling other stabilization options which often leave you with a sore arm due to their weight.
Ads shake free motion to your camera
Before the introduction of gimbals, camera operators can move around their camera on a tripod or by holding in your hands. Now, they can actually take their cameras through anything and anywhere with the help of gimbals, due to their compact design, gimbals can be carried and can make steady movement shots that would otherwise require massive large camera rigs.
Option for a wide variety of motions
You may take lots of time to set up a shot more particularly when various movement tools are required for this purpose. But a Gimbal allows photographers and videographers to shoot similar shots in much less time as it allows them to move your camera easily in different ways without wasting their time and efforts.
Gimbals have brought state-of-the-art camera stabilization to the masses. Anyone with an iPhone, Android, GoPro can now take amazing action camera footage without any hassle.

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