What is a 775 motor?

Have you ever wondered how would we survive in the modern era without motors? Doubtlessly, it would be tiresome and boring since motors are very important part when it comes to the electrical field. Electric gadgets ranging from elevators, vacuum cleaners, industrial machines, food processors and many more require a motor to convert electric power to motive energy or mechanical energy.

What is a 775 motor?

A 775 motor is a high power DC motor with the ‘‘775’’ representing a defined ‘size’ of the outer frame or casing of a 775 motors that is usually a one-size-fits-all for all 775 motor. All motors that are in the 775 category have same cases and size, but have a bit different specifications in terms of the internals.it has a high torque or speed and low noise which make it suitable for exquisite applications and projects like in robotic projects, industrial application, DIY projects and quadcopters.

775 motor specs/specification

775 motors outer frame or casings are mainly made with steel due to its rustproof material and some additional few plastic parts. They have a motor body size of 66.7×42.0mm with 42.0mm being the motor outer or body diameter and 66.7mm is the body height. The shaft has a diameter of 5mm and the commonly seen shaft length is 17mm but sometime it differs as per the need. The overall motor length is 98mm.

The speed or number of rotation (Rpm) of the 775 motor is not standard because it depends on the voltage applied meaning the Rpm can be adjusted as per the project requirement. The rated voltage of 775 motors is 12V even though its nominal operating voltage extends from 6V to 36V. . At 12V the Rpm is 4100 and at 24V the Rpm is 8300 but again this Rpm depends on the manufacturers stated specs and the motor internals. For example, 775 motor DC 12V-36V 3500-9000RPM.

Depending on the type of 775 motor and manufacturer, 775 have different weight, stall torque, mounting screw size and no- load speed. For instance, 775 motor DC 6-12V, no load speed: 12,000 RPM@12V, stall torque:79Ncm@14.4V, mounting screw size: M4, weight: 350g. 775 motor are ball bearing DC motor with built-in cooling fan. There are both brushed and brushless model of 775 motors though you will find the brushed model a little cheaper compared to brushless. When making a 775 motor purchase, ensure you allow 1-3mm error of body size due to physical measurement.








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