What Else Can ONXY BOOX C65HD eBook Reader Do But Reading?

For many users who love reading, ebook reader and tablet PC are the two digital products that the most difficult to weigh. eBook reader can bring us the reading effect like paper and the thin body also easy to carry, but the simple function still can not be ignore. There is no doubt that tablet PC is the product with strong entertaining, but it has no the nice display effect like ebook reader, and it will has impact on vision after using for a long time. Then, will there be a product that perfect combine these two characteristic? ONXY BOOX C65HD eBook Reader has a 6 inch E-ink screen, comes with Android 2.3 operating system, the thin body looks barely different with the common ebook reader in the market. From the old version Android system, BOOX C65HD has no too high specification in hardware. But whether the specification high or low is not a point for an ebook reader, then what kind of different experience will it brings to us? Let us take a look.

The appearance of ONXY BOOX C65HD eBook Reader is barely different with the usual ebook reader that we often see. The small size body with a 6 inch E-ink screen, it really suitable for holding by one hand. The whole style is simple, there is no more keys expect to the turning-pages keys on both sides and the menu key at the bottom. It is can be think that the menu key would be leave out if BOOX C65HD have no comes with Android system.

ONXY BOOX C65HD eBook ReaderAs an ebook reader, there is no doubt that the most important is the function about reading. For reading conveniently, ONXY BOOX C65HD eBook Reader has made customization base on the original Android 2.3 system. The main interface is quite simple, the biggest area shows the book we are reading, the second biggest area is the book we added recently.

It is no doubt that the main reason that people will choose ebook reader is for gain the traditional paper experience, and ONXY BOOX C65HD eBook Reader have done a good job in this aspect. Even the 1024*756 resolution is can not be said excellent, but it is good enough to just display characters. And, this E-ink screen is definitely the high definition in this range. Thanks for the Android system, even the screen only can display white and black, but use in watch news and images is totally no problem.

In summary, the Android system that ONXY BOOX C65HD eBook Reader comes with , its expansibility is able to brings wider reading space for users. Even BOOX C65HD has no much more breathtaking parts, compare with the traditional ebook reader, it still can do more things that they can not.

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