What battery does laser 301 take?

If you are a pet lover and especially a cat/kitten, you know how much fun it is to see your cat chase a laser pointer. Surprisingly, even some toddlers love chasing laser pointers. Have you ever seen those viral videos of toddlers and cats going absolutely wild over a laser pointer? Well, if you are not aware what a laser pointer is, it is a small handheld device that resembles a pen with laser diode that is capable of emitting a narrow coherent beam of monochromatic light.

What battery does laser 301 take?

Laser pointers are not necessarily meant for cats and toddler because they have a wide range of applications like highlighting something of interests during a class presentation, during outdoor activities to scare away wild animal or send a signal, in a romantic star pointer evening and many more.

Laser 301 is a high power laser that is capable of clear pointing in a long range and also it can be used as a lighter.  Laser 301 has a key lock that allows you lock when not in use hence promoting child safety. Laser 301 requires a source of power (battery) to power the beam and for that matter a battery that is powerful. The correct type of battery that laser 301 takes is 18650 lithium batteries. It requires only one 18650 battery at a go. These lithium batteries are the best option because:

  • They are rechargeable meaning you don’t have to get a new 18650 battery every time the power is down or low.
  • They have a larger capacity compared to general batteries.
  • 18650 lithium batteries have a longer span which is actually twice that of an ordinary battery.
  • They are deemed to have high safety qualities in one go like no explosion, RoHS-certified, non-polluting, high temperature resistance and noticeably more.
  • 18650 batteries have a high voltage which is powerful enough to enable the 301 laser to point in a long distance.

When buying 18650 batteries for your 301 laser, ensure that you have chosen the button top type and not the flap top type because the flat top type won’t fit. Please note that when installing a battery on your 301 laser the positive side is down (the cathode toward the inside). It’s usually recommended not to keep your laser with batteries installed when not in use.


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