We Can Use Electronic Products Convenience With Plug & Adapters

Have you had been this case? The plugs of your electronic products are not match the chargers, or the plugs is too much, but the chargers is not enough. In this time, Plug & Adapters can help you. It is an interface converter, it can be a separate hardware interface equipment, allow the hardware or electronic interfaces with other hardware or electronic interface is linked together, can also be information interface. Such as power adapter, tripod base connecting parts, USB and serial port connecting equipment, etc.

 Plug & AdaptersNow, use power adapter as the example. It is a small portable electronic devices and electronic power supply voltage change, it is a result of in real life, electronic devices are usually cannot be used directly for household electricity, for home use is 220 V power supply voltage, the voltage of power supply and common electronic products generally required for about 5 V to 20 V. So the action of the power adapter is crucial. In general, the role of Plug & Adapters is the transformer and rectifier. It is a transformer, so we should all know, ac 220 v through a transformer transformer, through the variable dc rectifier, here is consumed, and the consumption will be transformed into heat, so it will fever is normal.

Plug & Adapters is mainly used in, as defined in the interface methods cannot meet the needs of customers, or interface definition method or the name of the interface in conflict with the needs of customers. Generally consists of shell, power supply transformer and rectifier circuit, according to its output type can be divided into the ac and dc output; According to the connection mode can be divided into the plug wall and desktop type. Its role is the home of the high voltage is converted into can work stable low voltage, so that they can work normally. Instead it will bring a lot of inconvenience to our daily use.

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