Wanscam Ip Camera, The Safety Guard

wanscam ip cameraRecently, I plan to rent an apartment, when I select a place, expect to the base safety equipment, I also will notice the monitor camera. Many cameras are directional, and exit some problems in the part of power link and image quality. Then I start to search some monitor cameras, till I found wanscam ip camera.

There is a kind of IP camera, built-in two-way voice sound processor, support monitor and intercom function.Record by TF card Biggest support 32 gb, support the browser to watch video, or read TF in the video file. Its resolution is (1280 x720) / 25 FPS, and VGA (640 x480), QVGA (320 x240). Standard equipped with 3.6 mm lens, with 13 LED lamp, the night vision quality is very nice, night vision distance reach to 15 meters. Wanscam ip camera have a rotate head, it can horizontal rotate to 270 degree, vertical turn to 90 degree. And the rotate speed reach to 5-30 degrees/SEC in horizontal, 5-50 degrees/SEC in vertical. To monitor no dead Angle, safe and secure. It is worth to be mention that it support wifi and support iphone and Android direct viewing, let you monitoring any time and any where without doubt. What’s more, it equip with independent research and development of embedded DDNS, lifelong free special domain name to use, need not apply for the domain name, completely solve the problem of frequent drops, the connection speed is fast.

In addition, wanscam ip camera monitor in more images, management for long-distance centralized. Omnipotence monitoring children, older people, the patient and stores, warehouses, schools. Real-time monitoring anytime and anywhere. It was provided with perfect flexible network monitoring and the most complete functions, set wifi, infrared night vision, rotation and various functions in one. You deserve to have it!

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