VIVI Nova Atomizer Is A New Trend With A Gift

The original electronic cigarette is at the request of abroad, because there are a lot of foreign laws and regulations prohibit smoking in public places, and people generally high standard of living abroad, the wealthy, more strict in quality of life. So, first is designed for export. Then, the electronic cigarette market arises at the historic moment. VIVI Nova Atomizer is a kind of non-toxic harmless substitute for non burning smoke, do not contain the carcinogenic substances such as tar, can not change the smoking habit and cigarette taste, smoking.

Vivi Nova Electronic Cigarette AtomizerVIVI Nova Atomizer is a kind of burning cigarette alternative products, the metal smoke tube box contains electronic cigarette battery, nicotine and aerosols. When using, spray atomization, nicotine will be diluted solution user inhaled nicotine, and exhale white mist. Because there is no smoke, can be in the station public, office and other places of smoking, also can remove years of smoke poison inside body, reduce smoking, avoid others by secondhand smoke.

VIVI Nova Atomizer is known as the “health, science of quit smoking products”, became the best gift for family, friends. Because for smokers to smoke for decades, if forced to give up smoking the body discomfort symptoms, such as nausea, irritability, dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms. According to statistics, every year to take this way the success rate of only 7%, to help people stop smoking and most of the “winners” also in quitting smoking after a year. Part of the study, said the cause of quit smoking failure rate is so high is to stop smoking way is not scientific, the body poison there is smoke, there are drugs will have a cigarette.

VIVI Nova Atomizer quit-smoking principle is very simple, is to use nicotine (from high to low) of smoke fluid, finally to nicotine concentration of 0 smoke fluid, instead of ordinary cigarette addiction, so that people gradually get rid of the body of nicotine dependence, stop smoking. Referred to as: “nicotine replacement therapy”. VIVI Nova Atomizer is not only in the National Day, Mid-Autumn festival this time as a sweet gift for elder, relatives and friends, is usually the first choice for gifts between friends.

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