Video:diy LED light kit, exceed 40 kinds of models with voice-activated mode and light control mode

Sometimes, we may like DIY something not only for enjoying the pleasure of doing by yourself, but also for the completed item is practical or decorative. Diy LED light kit is such a decorative item and is suitable for you to send others as the present, also, playing it with the music is a good choice. Next, let me do a briefly introduction about it and there is an operating video as follows.
diy LED light kitFollowing the manual, it is easy and simple for you to assemble, then you will have an amazing user experience that thought it to be worthy. After you finishing it, you can easily observe that there are two buttons on the circuit board that you can change the playing modes and it built-in up to 40 kinds of models that gives you wonderful try. Especially the characteristic voice-activated mode and light control mode, I think both of them will bring you marvelous feeling.
diy LED light kitJust guess, when you play the music, you may feel monotonous sometimes, and with the diy LED light kit, you would not feel boring. It will flash following the rhythm of the music, at the same time, changing the lights colors or the lighting rank orders , providing you more fun. Also, you can turn on or turn off the light to control it opened or closed via switching it in the light control mode.
diy LED light kitOn my opinion, diy LED light kit is a worthy product that brings you more pleasure and it is a beautiful decoration as well. I think you will love it at once.

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