Vensmile V5I tv Dongle: a TV stick supports various connection modes

At the beginning of this article, I would like to tell you a funny experience of me. A few days ago, I surfed in the websites and found an interesting product. At first, I mistaken it as a U disk, watching carefully then found it is a TV stick, called Vensmile V5I tv Dongle. Just as the pictures show you, it shapes as a U disk, actually it is a tv dongle. Next, let me tell you some details of it.
Vensmile V5IThis is the schematic plan view of Vensmile V5I tv Dongle.  is the button M, you can short press it to change operating mode and long press it to recover system settings;  is the the button R, you can press it to restart system;  is the Micro USB port, a place to power supply; ④ is the LED indicator, and the yellow led for active status; ⑤ is the HDMI connector, which you can connect to TV, projector and HDMI compatible display.
Vensmile V5ITalking about the Vensmile V5I tv Dongle, it is a convenient tool for you to display  smartphone, tablet, laptop contents by Wi-Fi method and show real-time synchronization to TV, projector and other big screens. Especially it meets your needs in reporting when you have meeting with clients, company conference, training and other business purposes. What’ s more, with it, you can send everything on your phone, pad or PC’ s display to a large TV screen and share with your families and friends. All of these operation is wireless, very simple and convenient.

All in all, if you would like to watch something in your phone, pad or PC and display them in a large screen, sharing with others, especially do a meeting presentation, Vensmile V5I tv Dongle will be your best choice. It supports various connection modes, regardless any types of your connected equipment, it is pretty suitable for.

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