V13 Camera Eyewear Glass Review: Perfect Hiding Shooting Camera

Yesterday, when I surfed online, I found one interesting item. It is a perfect hiding shooting camera and shapes as the wearing glasses, which reminds me of the detective films. It is called V13 camera eyewear glass and I think it will bring you amazing user experience. Then, let me share you something detailed about it.

V13 camera eyewear glass(1)Appearance:

Just as you can see upon the pictures, it was designed vividly as the same shape as the wearing glasses, perfectly for hiding. Besides, all of the operating buttons are on its spectacles frame. Built-in free open TF card slot that supports max 32GB storage, meeting your need in different demands.

V13 camera eyewear glass(2) V13 camera eyewear glass(4)Functions:

Built-in 5-mega-pixel CMOS camera, V13 camera eyewear glass will bring you high clear digital video recording. Moreover, it features with encryption read disk function, ensuring your secret operating. In addition to, after connecting with the PCs or laptops, it can be used as a camera.

V13 camera eyewear glass(3) V13 camera eyewear glass(5)Advantages:

  1. Fashionable appearance design
  2. easy carrying and shooting
  3. Perfectly hiding
  4. Secret do the video recording
  5. Real-time recording
  6. High clear recording
  7. Easy operating
  8. inexpensive price


  1. Plastic glass is easily scratched, with no spare glasses
  2. Inside locating power button brings a little uncomfortable wearing
  3. Short ear pieces


Video AVI
Video coding M-JPEG
Video resolution 1280*720 VGA
Video frame rate 20-30fps
System supported Windows me/2000/XP/2003/Win7/Vista, Mac OS
Charging voltage DC-5V
Interface type Mini 8Pin USB
Storage support Micro SD card
Battery type High capacity polymer lithium electricity


V13 camera eyewear glass is one kind of convenient carry and easy operating item, perfectly hiding feature that it is worthy for you. Moreover, it fits all kinds of recording needs, such as, surveillance, trend-spotter, journalist, traffic police, travelers, hikers, mount climbers, students, life-lovers and etc. Most important, it costs in a cheap price. If you are interested in it, you can buy it from banggood.com at $45.

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