Using a wifi control socket for home automation

Most people are using a wide variety of electrical appliances in their home, and these appliances are usually switched on and off manually. However many people are forgetting to switch off the appliances like water heater after they have been used, which can lead to the wastage of electricity and also be a fire hazard. Going to the area where the switch is located to switch off the electrical appliance can be time consuming and inconvenient. To overcome this problem, the WiFi control socket is now available, which allows users to conveniently and easily control a large number of electrical appliances remotely using a smartphone or similar gadget.

wifi control socket

The smart wifi control socket is designed to convert any plug point into a smart outlet which includes a timer for switching on the lighting or appliance for a particular period of time using a smartphone, tablet or other gadgets. The smart socket is controlled using the eWeLink app available for iOS and Android, which is connected using a WiFi network. The WiFi socket is simple and easy to install, it only has to be fixed in the normal plug, and configured on the smartphone. Each smartphone having the app downloaded can be used to control up to 150 WiFi sockets at a particular time. The sockets work on all WiFi networks and are activated immediately,

wifi control socket

The socket can be easily configured using the eWeLink automatic configuration software, and the settings are easily accessed. The status of each socket can be checked remotely on the app. The socket can be configured to perform a task once or repeatedly, or a countdown timer can be used to switch off the appliance after a specific time period. Using the socket is also very convenient at night or in cold weather, when a person is unable to get out of bed, as the appliances which may be switched on, can be switched off remotely. It is also convenient for starting the heater remotely so that hot water is immediately available.

wifi control socket

As the electric supply and plug requirements vary in different countries, there are 4 different socket configurations available for US, EU, UK, AU users. The socket is designed for an electric current of 10 Amperes, at voltage levels varying from 90 to 250 Volt. It can support a maximum resistive load of 2000 W, The enclosure of the socket is made from Fire resistant poly-carbonate, with a fire retardant switch and parts for greater safety. The socket includes a well-designed PCB with electronic components for wifi connectivity and copper contacts for greater reliability.,


Using a 2G/3G/4G smartphone and a router the smart control socket and other appliances connected to it, the socket can be controlled from a place far away, making home automation a reality at a low cost.

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