The Upgrade Version Of Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit

Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit, the new type that an easy to use open source controller, the hardware and the Arduino UNO and no big change, compared the biggest difference is that the USB serial interface circuit, switch is a piece of ATMega16U2 MCU, software part as before, there is no big changes. As the upgrade version. Compare with the old version, The R3 using 16 u2 Atmega chip replace 8 u2. Mean higher transmission rate and the memory. No need to install the driver in the Mac and Linux system. And arduino uno r3 starter kitadd the SDA and SCL interface.

But what is Arduino? Arduino is a simple I/o platform based on open source code, and have used similar to Java, C language Processing/Wiring development environment, the characteristics of easy to understand. Make you to quickly use the Arduino do interesting things. Arduino can be used with some electronic components such as, LED lights, buzzer, buttons, photosensitive resistance, and so on. Many people like to make it my theirselves, but if you are a green hands, it might be too hard for you to do it. But Arduino uno r3 starter kit can lead you to make a well beginning for entry. A set of good starter kit can be a good teacher to help the green hands become skillful faster. It was package in a nice box with loads of components, offer a full study to users. There are all the components you need here, the good quality ensure the end product will operate smoothly.

Arduino can use developed electronic components such as Switch sensors or other controller, LED, stepper motor or other output device. Arduino can also become a independent and software interface of the ditch. Arduino uno r3 starter kit let learner when they study the ARDUINO micro controller can out of boring theory knowledge, Obtain the single-chip microcomputer system development ability in the play.

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