Uni-t UT61E, The Car Measurement Belongs To You

uni-t ut61eUni-t UT61E digital multimeter is with high reliability, high security automatic range handheld multimeter, etc. With large screen digital and high resolution simulation of the pointer synchronous display, full range of overload protection and unique appearance design, make it become more excellent performance of a new generation of practical electric instrument.

Frist, let us know something about digital multimeter. It is a versatile electronic measuring instrument, used in electrical measurement to electronic instruments. It can have many special functions, but the main function is to measure voltage, resistance and current. As a modern multi-purpose electronic measuring instrument, it mainly used in the physical, electrical, electronic, and other areas of the measurement. Uni-t UT61E is a four and a half of high precision digital multimeter, it can be used for measuring ac/dc voltage and current, resistance, diode, on-off circuit, capacitance and other parameters. Its unique patch test frame, can be more convenient and accurate measurement of all kinds of patch class components, application more widely, functions more powerful. With analog display, convenient you to monitor the change of signal process. Use RS232 connect with computer to transmit data, real-time monitoring the measurement signal, can more clearly see the signal change trend diagram, more convenient for you to analyze data.

Besides, the correct maintenance to prolong service life play an important role. Digital multimeter is a precision electronic instruments, it can’t be replacing the circuit, and need to pay attention to, frist, don’t connect the above 1000 v dc voltage or higher than 700 v ac RMS voltage. second, don’t switch the function Ω position, the voltage source access. Third, when the battery is not installed or the back cover not to tighten the, please do not use this multimeter.

Uni-t UT61E can be used for smelting, communications, manufacturing, oil, defense, power, chemical and power equipment circuit testing, as an ideal tool for maintain.

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