TV Box: A Game Changer in Every House?

Maybe you must have heard about TV box from your office colleagues or your drinking buddies, but you still don’t have a good grasp of this modern-day device. If that’s the case, let’s give you some insight on the TV box that has shaken up the entire media industry. For those who don’t know, it’s an amazing device that allows you to watch the latest movies, TV shows, and sporting events without the dreaded burden of a monthly subscription. Simply put, this state-of-the-art TV box is transforming the way users consume media.


xiaomi mi box 3sWith zero technical know-how, an android box can be connected to any regular TV to enjoy an infinite variety of TV shows, movies, and more without the piggy-bank destroying cost attached to it. Therefore, this device is slowly becoming a household item in today’s age and time. Courtesy to the TV box, more cable cords have been cut in the last few years than ever before. Customers are happy that they are no longer locked to the $200+ cable bills to simply access a few desired channels.

Xiaomi MI Box 4

If you are looking to get an Android box for yourself, you better pay heed to the pointers given below to get the best value for your TV box bucks. The processor and the RAM matters a lot over here. So, choose a TV box with at least 2GB RAM and 1.5Ghz quad-core CPU. As you might expect, the higher, the better. If you are looking to store a lot of downloads, you must consider a box with more than 8GB storage space with the option of external storage support to give yourself some extra cushioning.

Xiaomi MI Box 4

For the sake of user convenience, the Android box must feature at least 2 USB ports, if not more. Also, the TV box must support 4k video resolution. Moreover, it must support LAN and Wi-Fi out of the box. And, the Android box should have access to Google Play Store. Finally, don’t get a device that’s still running on Android 5. Go for Android 6 or Android 7, unless you don’t mind being stuck at 2015. If everything checks out well, you can pull the trigger on the TV box without any mental congestion. Most likely, the device will serve you well for years and years to come.

Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

Gladly enough, some of the leading players in the industry have exploded past the boundaries of their job to create a people-pleasing Android box that has been a huge hit the masses. Famous brands such as Xiaomi TV box, Amazon Fire T, Q-Box 4K, and a few more fit the bill over here for producing top-shelf quality TV box to put their competition at their wit’s end. Remember, these are not your shady manufacturers who play around with words to fool people. Therefore, your best bet would be to stick with well-known Android box players.


So, are you ready to unlock the limitless world of entertainment by turning your regular TV into a smart TV? As hinted before, all you would need to do is get a good Android box to make the magic work. Once connected to a TV, an Android box gives a whole new life to your conventional TV, and you get to enjoy a whole new level of entertainment without shaving off recurring fees towards the same. What more can a frustrated cable user ask for?

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